When you purchase Upbeat’s services, you have a comprehensive marketing team at your service that will own everything from the high-level strategy to execution across your marketing entire marketing function. However, there are a few areas that are not included in our pricing:

  • Media “real estate” – This encompasses all media from PPC ads, to TV ad buys, to collateral, to trade show booths. While Upbeat will be happy to own the planning, messaging, design, and execution behind each piece of media, we won’t purchase the actual media for you.
  • Marketing tech stack – Upbet requires that you pay for your Marketing tech stack. This means that you will pay each of your tech stack vendors directly, although Upbeat will run, monitor, and maintain each for you.
  • Additional personnel – Upbeat will not pay for additional personnel, whether they are full-time employees, contractors, additional consultants, or agencies. That being said, you shouldn’t feel a need to hire additional talent, as Upbeat should give you more than enough resources across the entire marketing discipline.
  • Product launch PR – While Upbeat does cover general PR, we do recommend that you reach out to an additional agency for a “big splash” item like a product launch. For these scenarios, we have developed a package with BLAST Media for a 3-month PR sprint that will fully support a big item like a launch. If you are interested in their services, please reach out to our sales team.