OKR Team Coaching

Setting and achieving objectives and
key results (OKRs) can be challenging for organizations of any size.

Our OKR Sprint service is designed to guide your team through the process of defining, implementing, and tracking OKRs, ultimately driving your organization towards success.

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Strategy, Coaching, Full Funnel Work

This Coaching Program is designed to align your objectives with your team and drive results like never before

Experienced professionals will work closely with your team during a focused sprint to help you establish clear, measurable, and attainable OKRs that align with your organization’s goals and vision.

How Does It Work?

Our OKR Team Coaching service consists of three main steps:

Our GTM Sprint frees up CxOs to focus on running their business while we handle the launch or entry into new markets.

This involves a deep dive into your GTM plan, including a close examination of your company’s pipeline, market segmentation, customer research, ideal customer profile, buyer journey, value proposition, unique value validation, content plan, priority channels, partners, and communities, marketing plan and budget, team architecture, conversion paths, metrics, playbooks, and team alignment.

The result of this in-depth process is a set of actionable recommendations to help optimize your GTM strategy, a 12-month GTM Plan aligned with your business objectives, and recommendations on how to staff the function.

How Does It Work?

We conduct our GTM Sprint in three stages:

Full Funnel Expert

Douwe Wester

What Do You Get?

Consistently working on moving the needle

Relentless Pursuit of Progress: Elevating Performance and Achieving Success

Making everyone feel empowered to contribute

Unleashing Collective Potential: Fostering a Culture of Inclusivity and Collaboration

Getting you to market fast

Reaching out to potential customers and generating demand will increase the potential of your pipeline significantly

Design the future of scale

Lead Gen and Demand Gen in combination with proven playbooks for sales will create sustainable revenue


Alignment Rate


OKR Completion Rate


Employee Engagement

“In collaboration with Upbeat, we focused on establishing our core purpose and developed our strategy from this foundation. We revisited and redefined our mission and vision, formulated a five-year plan, and implemented Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to drive incremental progress through annual, quarterly, and monthly actionable goals.

With a clear end goal in mind, our company underwent a Full Funnel transformative change, resulting in a remarkable 285% increase in sales within 12 months among our newly identified Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs).”

Serhat Elban


Let’s Make Things Happen

At Upbeat, we’re committed to transforming your marketing game. Our expert team combines creativity, data-driven strategies, and industry insight to craft powerful, full-funnel marketing solutions tailored to your B2B company’s unique needs.

Douwe Wester
Founder & Full Funnel Marketing Expert

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