Accelerate your Innovation

We focus on helping you build new business models and
inject your existing business with Exponential Technology

I want to build
an Innovation Lab

Create a culture of innovation by building an innovation lab based on Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Growth Hacking and Agile practices.

Ventures Lab
Collaboration Lab

Work together with
Startup & Agencies

Amplify your innovation success by leveraging new technologies and conquer new markets with the help of startups and technology agencies.

Synergy program
Startup search

I want to train & coach
My Team

A 15-week coaching program designed to help teams of innovators to search for your next validated business innovation.

Lean startup coaching
Fundamentals training

Why Invest in radical innovation?

The rate of change of product development is
accelerating because of exponential technologies. Staying
ahead of the curve is not about size it’s about the speed of learning.
Companies rarely fail because they can’t build a product. They fail because
they build products that few customers want.We see to it that teams test their
assumptions, design experiments and build amazing products.

We’ve partnered with

We honestly do a lot of hard work at the Upbeat and having amazing people around us makes all that hard work worth doing. Upbeat has teamed up with some really wonderful specialists organizations that all have a passion for innovation. A huge thank you to all our amazing partners!!

‘We’ve trained and coached 250+ teams on practical
innovation skills. These are some of the
companies they work for.

Follow the footsteps of Randstad, ABN AMRO, Volksbank, ARAG, Alliander, Marktplaats who have made us their preferred
innovation coaching partner.

Your competition is already investing in their future. What are you waiting for?

Start investing in the future